Western Voice and K-pop Wave Critical thinking

Type of service: Writing from scratch
Work type: Critical thinking
Deadline: N/A
Academic level: College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline: Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Title: Western Voice and K-pop Wave
Number of sources: 2
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 2
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 550
# of slides: ppt icon 0
# of charts: 0
Paper details:
1. Please compare the Western Voice (classic vocal music) VS K-pop songs (only songs!!)
– In Korean view, the western voice is import, but K-pop song (Korean Wave; Korean pop songs; please only songs!!!) is export
open answer. compare those two and try to see what is the issue
2. refer the articles what i uploaded.
3. Introduction, 2~3 bodies, and conclusion please.

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