UFO Sightings- building website

Do certain areas have higher concentrations of sightings?

What is the most common shape of a sighting?

What is the average duration of a sighting?

Is there a higher concentration of sightings at night?

Data sets are here:   

https://www.kaggle.com/NUFORC/ufo-sightings/metadata (Century of data)Attached

http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/ndxe202004.html (April sightings 2020) 

Sketch ideal visuals 

Bubble Map to view concentration levels of sightings (Leaflet)

example: https://www.d3-graph-gallery.com/bubblemap.html

Lollipop Chart to view the most common shapes of a sighting 

example: https://www.d3-graph-gallery.com/lollipop.html

Violin Chart to view the bins of duration for a sighting

example: https://www.d3-graph-gallery.com/violin.html

Word Cloud of submitted summaries for each sighting (D3)

example: https://www.d3-graph-gallery.com/graph/wordcloud_size.html


Your assignment should: 

Include A dashboard page with multiple charts that updates from the same data

Should include Json amCharts (https://www.amcharts.com/javascript-maps/

Must include some level of user-driven interaction(e.g, menus, dropdowns. textboxes)

Main web page with navbar (possible separate pages for charts as well)           

Main page with a filter for selected dates/locations with a collective chart change 

Main Chart on top of screen – Map of locations (Bubble)

Secondary chart below or beside Bubble: Amchart pictorial 

(This chart will show how many sightings per period selected) 

Filtered charts per date or location:  

Violin, Lollipop, Word Cloud                                                 

A combination of web scraping and Leaflet or Plotly 


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