Invitations used to be by mail only. Now invitations to any event can be sent out for free via the Internet, emailed, and even tweeted or shared on social media sites. Depending on the type of event and the budget, one or more methods may be used.

In this discussion, you will address two types of invitations as the event planner: one for a private party, and the other for a corporate client.

Topic: Birthday and Corporate Invitations/Registration

  • If you are hosting a birthday party for a 15-year-old and 20 of her friends, what would be the most appropriate means of inviting her friends to a fashion show and lunch at the mall?
  • A corporate client wants to provide novel invitations to a launch party for their new product: a self-driving public bus. Share your ideas.
  • What is involved in registration for the launch party of 500 persons or more?


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