Subject or discipline: Leadership Studies

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Deadline: 11 Dec, 07:18 AM (5d 23h)
Academic level: College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline: Leadership Studies
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Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: MLA
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everything can be found in the attached folder so please carefully read it

Individual Project Insight9(self-insight 14.4 old edition and 6.1 new edition)

Assignment Instructions and Requirements

  1. Print a hard copy of the two assigned insights (see next 2 pages).
  2. Complete the self-assessment questionsfor each insight in the manner directed, and follow the instructions given for ‘scoring’each assessment.
  3. Reflect (this means take time to really think – refer to graphic ‘How to Reflect’ in Individual Project Part A assignment). Specifically reflect upon your ‘scores’, the interpretation, and what this tells you about yourself as it relates to leadership.
  4. Write a short (at least one full page but not less than half a page) summary of your reflections, following the formatting requirements stated below.
  1. a) Title – centered, 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold font, name of assignment (as listed on class schedule unless otherwise noted) followed by your name.
  2. b) Score – left margin aligned heading ‘Insight Scores’ in 12 pt. Times New Roman font – identify the five scores for the first insight as AB-UA, PB-QB, AB-QA, A-OS, and NH-NF and list your averaged scores for each. Identify your score for the second insight as EM= and record your total score.
  3. c) Content – left margin aligned, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double line spacing – a summary of your reflections regarding what these two insights tells you about you and your leadership abilities.
  1. Submit only the reflective summary to the respective drop box before the stated due date and time.Submissions after final due date receive no credit. Refer to the List of Course Due Dates in Module 0.

The following criteria will be used for evaluation:

Criteria Met expectations Fell short of expectations Unsatisfactory
Insight Score (1 point)

Reported score as instructed

(0 points)

No score reported

Reflective Summary (3 points)

A clearly written, insightful reflective summary of the assessment.


(2 points)

Summarized results but is not reflective or insightful


(1 point)

Went through the motions – wrote something but is not related to


Professionalism (2 points)

Followed directions, no formatting errors, no writing errors

(1 point)

Followed directions and less than 3 formatting and/or writing errors

(0 points)

Did not follow directions or formatting requirements and/or more than 2 writing errors

Timeliness (-2 points penalty) Submitted after due date

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