Research Paper Proposal

Assignment Directions

You will submit a final draft of the sections of educational research proposal specified below using the Proposal Template. The sections of the Proposal Template you will complete now and for which you must provide a final draft are:

  • Introduction
    • Problem Statement

    The research problem is significant and researchable using a quantitative methodology.

  • Purpose
  • Review of Related Literature

The Review of Literature section fully reviews one of the required minimum of three articles for the final proposal. The review thoroughly evaluates the quality and rigor of the article based on established criteria. The review clearly addresses all of the following:

  • The relevance of the article to your research study.
  • The article’s topic provides a foundation or support for your research study.
  • The research hypotheses were related to your research study.
  • The conclusions of the study were supported by the data in the study.

The conclusions establish or supports the need for your research study.

  • Methodology

The Methodology section presents a clear, detailed, and appropriate description of the following:

  • Research Design
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Null Hypothesis
  • Independent Variable
  • Dependent Variable
  • Definition of Key Terms
  • Participants and Sampling Plan

The Methodology section demonstrates knowledge of the relationship between the different elements of the methodology.

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