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The whole project is talking about changing lab in our university from English units to metric units. I want you also to talk about the safety, cost, and obstacles or challenges that I might face if I want to change the system from English to metric units. Also define the scope of the paper. So basically, type up the procedure to change from English to metric units clearly. Also mention the advantages and disadvantages of changing the lab tools and machines from English to metric units.

The paper is 4-5 pages long and it has to be clear enough

Prof instructions

The goal of this project is to develop a process which can be followed by the engineering school at OSU, or any institution that uses a mix of Metric and English units, for evaluating the scope, costs, and benefits of converting a single system. To the extent it is practical; this process will be applied to the lab facilities in MIME.

Example of items that will need to be addressed in the procedure are measuring equipment(e.g. gauges, thermostats, scales, hole gauges, etc.), procedural documentation and instructions, fastener standards, lab documentations, etc.

The procedure should: identify the people who will execute the procedure; provide a checklist of things that can be converted; and mechanism for evaluating the completeness of changes that have been made.

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