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Work type: Research paper
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Academic level: High school
Subject or discipline: Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)
Title: Writer’s choice
Number of sources: 2
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Order Instructions

ART 2430


Non-Western Art Object Research Paper Guidelines

Due December 4 by 11:59 PM in Pilot Dropbox

Must visit the Dayton Art Institute to choose and describe the object. Non-Western collections are in the lower level of the DAI.

May visit DAI with instructor and class on 10/20 at 4:00 PM or on your own by 11/1(Note that the DAI is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you visit the DAI on your own you must deposit a photo of yourself with the Water Buffalo Gong (Gallery101) or Jain Shrine (Gallery 115) in the Pilot drop box as proof of attendance by 11/11.

Paper should be minimum 3 pages of text, 12 point type, double-spaced, 1 inch margins Cover page and sources page do not count in the 3 page count.

In your paper:

Identify the piece: artist (if known), country of origin, date, period, materials, approximate size

Include the gallery number in which the piece is located and the acquisition number Describe the art object.

Compare it to a work in Art Beyond the West.

Place the object in its cultural context. For example, a Chinese bronze Ding from the Shang Dynasty was likely found in the context of a burial (O’Riley, 112).

Describe the process by which the piece was made. The Ding would have been made by the piece mold process (see O’Riley 114).


Proof of visit to Dayton Art Institute 20%

Identification 5%

Gallery number and acquisition number 5%

Description 10%

Comparison 15%

Cultural Context 15%

Process 15%

Writing style, grammar, spelling 15%

Citations: Cite at least 3 scholarly sources (not Wikipedia or encyclopedia, but your text may be one source).

Length of paper – 3 pages full credit, 2 pages 66%, 1 page 33%, etc.

Double-spaced, 12 point type, one inch margins.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Anything that is not your own thought or idea must be properly cited (MLA or APA format). Plagiarism will result in a 0 grade.

You may write on any Non-Western piece in the lower level of the Dayton Art Institute. Below is a list of many of the pieces that are particularly suited for this paper.

Gallery 101 – African Art:

Nok, Torso of a Chief, 2003.76

Yoruba People Royal Cap, L2.1997.47

Yoruba People, Twin Figures, L2.1997.49-50

Ghana, Doll, Akua-ba, 2002.46

Lobala People, Slit Gong in the Form of a Buffalo, 1985.39

Bamikele People, Elephant Mask Costume, 1999.76

Kuba People, Female Mask (NgadyMwaash), 1991.1

Songye People, Congo, Nkishi Power Figure, 2001.61


Gallery 102 – Pre-Columbian Art

Maya, Standing Figure with Costume, 1974.35

Aztec, Ceremonial Block with Relief Carvings, 1960.13

Colima, Dog, 1960.15

Chimu, Stirrup Spout Vessel in Form of Puma’s Head, 1947.24

Chimu Mummy Mask, 1967.46

Moche Stirrup Spout Vessel in Form of a Portrait Head, 1973.85

Gallery 103 – Oceanic Art (Art of the Pacific)

Polynesia, Maori People, Feather Box with Lid, L21997.23

Aboriginal People, Shield, L21997.34

Melanesian, Asmat People, Shield, 1975.27

Melanesian, Janus Mask, 1944.84

Melanesian, Carved Plaque from Initiation House, L21997.18

Gallery 104 – Southeast Asian Art

Thai, Seated Buddha, 1962.32

Galleries 105 – 107 – Japanese Art

Shinto Male Deity, 1975.145

MirokuBosatsu, Muromachi Period, 1974.99

AmidaNyorai, Edo, 1976.195

Amida Buddha, Kamakura Period, 1935.1

TosaMitsuok (attr.), Poetess Sagami, 1978.15

KaihoYusetsu, Pair of 6 panel screens, 1938 3-4

Anonymous, Landscape, pair of 2 panel screens, 1944.171, 1-2

Gallery 108 – Korean Art

Old Silla Dynasty Covered Jug with Lugs, 1984.93

Choson Dynasty Wine Bottle, 1969.42.D

Koryo Dynasty Wine Bottle, 1976.172

Koryo, Water Dropper in shape of a Turtle, Celadon, 1976.159

Gallery 109 – Asian Art

Gallery 110-113 – Chinese Art

Shang Dynasty Jue (wine vessel) 1950.24

Zhou Dynasty Ding, 1999.4

Han Dynasty, Watch Tower, 1992.18

Standing Camel, Tang, 1944.157

Song Dynasty Bodhisattva Guanyin, 1959.41

Chinese, Stone Relief with Dragon Design, Ming, 1928.48 A & B

Qing Standing Bodhisattva, 1977.94

LanShen, Qing Dynasty, Mountains of Solitude, 1998.31

Qing Dynasty, Su Hui’s Reunion with her Husband, L19.2007.2

Huang Yingccan, Qing, Tengwang Pavilion, 1978.143

Kuncan, Mountain Landscape, 1976.277

Gallery 114 – Tibetan Art

Tibeto-Chinese, Mahamaya and Duddhadakini, 1980.12

Tibeto-Chinese, Qing Dynasty, Amitayus, 1944.101


Gallery 115 – Indian Art

Pillar with Design of a Young Woman, 1968.79

Gandhara, Head of Maitrea, 1947.97

Gandhara, Head of Bodhisattva, 1944.46

Shiva and Parvati, 1966.26

Vishnu with Lakshmi and Sarasvati, 1981.61

Jain Shrine, 1945.66

Ganga and Attendant, 1966.25

Galleries 116-118 – Shaw Collection of Pre-Columbian Art

Maya Cylinder Vase L82001.41

Maya Stone Lintel L82001.105

Gallery 128 – Native American Art

Northwest Coast Indians, Mask (no label…)

Plains People, Basket, 1938.47b

Sioux People, Pipe Bag, 1944.13 1-2


The instructor reserves the right to modify this syllabus as needed, based on unforeseen circumstances.


Excellent websites:

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Islamic art: HYPERLINK “”

For Asian art: HYPERLINK “”


Art of the Pacific: HYPERLINK “”

African art: HYPERLINK “”

Art of the Americas: HYPERLINK “”


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