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Change Management Plan


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The purpose of this plan is to identify and analyze the changes that will impact the team. This plan will offer suggestions and strategies for managing the change and will include a communication plan, activities required, and risk identification.

Analysis of Reorganizational Impacts

This section identifies reorganizational impacts to the team due to the changes identified in the case study. You are to identify at least two changes that are occurring and what the impact is to the team.


Identify two reorganizational changes and their impacts to the team.














Suggestions and Strategies for Managing the Change

This section identifies suggestions and strategies for managing the reorganization change.

Suggest two ways the reorganization can be communicated to the team.









Suggest two ways to gain buy-in from the team.












Suggest two ways to deal with resistance from the team.











Suggest two ways you will lead and motivate your team through the change.













 Communication Plan

This section identifies how you will keep your supervisor informed of plans, decisions, actions, issues, and progress.


Identify two specific ways you will keep your supervisor informed.













Activities Required

In this section, identify five action items that will be required to implement the change. This could include activities such as conducting planning meetings, training staff, etc. Provide an explanation of why the activity is required and what the expected outcome will be for the activity.

Action Item Reason Expected Outcome












Risk Identification

Identify seven potential risks and mitigation plans or suggestions for dealing with the risk. This could include risks such as: nonacceptance of the change, employees quitting, etc.

Potential Risks Plan if Risk Occurs



















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