Principles of Finance Assignment Help

FIN500: Principles of Finance

Module 2 Critical Thinking Assignment

Problem 2-1: Preparing Financial Statements

Using the following data: 
1. Prepare an income statement in good form
2. Prepare end of year balance sheet in good form
3. Calculate net working capital
4. Calculate the debt ratio
Depreciation expense75,000
Long-Term Debt450,000
Net Sales750,000
Accounts payable98,000
Marketing and general and administrative expenses110,000
Buildings and Equipment950,000
Notes payable80,000
Accounts receivable165,000
Interest expense5,250
Accrued expenses8,500
Common Stock350,000
Cost of Goods sold250,000
Problem 2-2 Preparing Statement of Cash Flows 
Given the following data, prepare a statement of cash flows.
Increase in accounts receivable42
Increase in inventories37
Operating Income105
Interest Expense35
Increase in accounts payable32
Increase in common stock23
Increase in net fixed assets27
Depreciation Expense14
Income taxes20

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