Philosophy and religion

** Classify the following sentences as statements or non-statements. If it is a non-statement, then also try to determine what kind of non-statement the sentence is (i.e., Directive/Imperative, Expressive/Exclamatory, Interrogative, Speech Act/Performative). Please note: some of these are very easy; some of these are very difficult. The difficult exercises are included deliberately. Do not worry: the first test will NOT include such difficult examples/exercises. **

  1. Whoo Whee!
  2. The general will see you now.
  3. What’s for breakfast?
  4. You sure are a dope, aren’t you?
  5. Is it not true that you were at the 7-11 at nine o’clock pm?
  6. Salt is NaCl.
  7. There are fifty-four states in the union.
  8. Puerto Rico is a state (in USA).
  9. Come over here.
  10. The Jets are better than the Giants.
  11. The AFC will win the Super Bowl.
  12. I hereby knight you Sir Geoffrey Warnock.
  13. The Amazon River is in Brazil.
  14. Wow!
  15. Wow, you look hot!
  16. The British are coming!
  17. The British are coming.
  18. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it.
  19. Stick this in your bag, please.
  20. Roughly, seventy-five percent of the earth’s surface is water.
  21. Let’s party!
  22. If George comes in today, give him his paycheck.
  23. If George is not in, then Henry is home.
  24. Would that it were raining!
  25. We would like you to come to our party tonight.


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