you will submit a two page, literary analysis on The Boy Who Painted Christ Black.” Your literary analysis must be composed in third person, present tense. This is a MLA formatted paper with the third page being the Works Cited page. You must incorporate one paraphrase or quote in each body paragraph. Aim for 6-8 sentences in each paragraph. Make sure the thesis statement is the last sentence in the introduction. Remember, topic sentences is the first sentence in each body paragraph. It can not be a question or quote. Do not forget to use transitions to unify your body paragraphs. Punctuation and grammar matter. Avoid plagiarism it will result in an automatic zero. Papers that fail to meet the requirements will be deducted 25pts automatically.

Discuss Clark’s use of characterization in his short story. (Remember characterization illustrates how a character transition in physical, emotional, actions, and speech.)


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