Module 8 Discussion- Spectrums of Gender

Activity Instructions:

“It will likely take the rest of my life to return to a gender that is free of shame. I will spend the rest of my life trying to resurrect who I was when I was four. But perhaps this is what we all do? Or at least, this is what we all should do.”
~Jacob Tobia, Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story 

Part One

Consider the discussions and arguments presented this week regarding public perceptions and the rights of transgender, nonbinary/agender, and intersex communities. Using the ideas here combined with what you have learned this semester, choose one of the topics below (or your own related point) to create an informed argument on the topic. To do this:

  • State the position you are taking and why you believe this is an important topic
  • Discuss at least 3 sociological concepts that support your position or contribute to what you think is crucial about this issue (you can also reference anything from earlier in the semester).
  • While opinions are welcome and encouraged, be sure you focus on supporting your argument with sociological facts rather than solely personal opinion.

Topics to choose from:

  • Allowing trans/agender people to use the restroom of their choice
  • Allowing trans/agender people to express their identity from a young age
  • Halting sex assignment surgery on intersex infants
  • Gender conscious pronoun use across society and in social interactions
  • The ability to change and choose one’s name (schools, banks, government IDs etc)
  • Your own related topic, please feel free to message me if you have questions about a topic choice

Classmates response (2nd part) will be posted on Thursday

Part Two

For your reply, respond to at least one classmate who discussed a different topic than you and discuss your thoughts on their academic argument. Try to move away from discussing differences in opinion and instead focus on the sociological concepts discussed. You can add any ideas you think might be relevant as well. If you agree with their arguments, be sure to do more than say you agree. Try to add additional ideas or support and build on the discussion. For instance, you might provide considerations of intersectional approaches to the topic.


“The topic I choose to speak about is  Allowing trans/ agender people to express their identity from a young age?

I feel that this topic is really important because I feel that any person either trans / agender are able to express how they really feel and have to be able to let all there emotions out and feel confident on any choice that they choose to make. It doesn’t matter what gender you are has long has we are able to express what we feel on the inside even though are generation defines genders of what you are. I feel we all are able to express are selfs has long as we can be our selfs with no shame and be able to embraced the gender we are with respect and love. 

It takes so much bravery to accept the fact  that we are all different even if we are trans/ agender we all deserver the same treatment. I feel that if you know what gender you are from a really young is something new you learn about your self and that’s your personally choice. I feel that parents shouldn’t really get in that topic unless the child, teen, adult allow it with all respect. At the end of the day the person making the choice will know what’s best for them and do what’s right for them.

I honestly encourage any child ,teen, adult to be really express-full of how they honestly feel and to not keep anything to them selfs I know it might be hard but there’s always going to be some time of support to help us and understand us with any doubts we have or questions. And with all honest opinion I feel that any person knowing the gender they are have to be able to feel free with no one judging them or telling them anything. At the end of the day we all need to be supportive and respect any decisions made by child, teen, adult. 

My final initial post is we live and learn off of any choice we make and we need to learn to never regret any choice we make even if its not knowing the gender you are or if knowing the gender we are we need to be treated equally.”

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