Module 4: Discussion 7

Mental Health and Community Trauma, Social Services, and Working with Special Populations

We want you to use your creativity in this Discussion along with your critical thinking about community work that needs to address the special needs of special populations. 

Think about: Reflect very carefully on what you have created, looking over your visual/points.

Write: Address all of the following:

  • What are your 3 main takeaways from the podcast?
    • For each takeaway regarding the mental health of indigenous peoples, determine whether: the takeaway helped you understand better a particular concept that you learned from the text or the three videos that you watched before engaging in this discussion, OR Whether you used a concept from the text or the outside source provided by classmates in their presentation in order to understand the takeaway. 
    • Apply community psychology values. For each one, explain its connection with one or more community psychology values.

Upload: To accompany your posting, upload a picture of your documentation of points to share with the group.   

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