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There are Five questions need to be answered based on the file i have attached in here (Team One) that is the name of the file, also there are Four supported file could also be helpful to go over i have attached them as well.

Guide for Developing an Internet Site



Describe the company or organization:

Amy’s soups are the nation’s a leading company in organic frozen food brand. The company started back in 1987 even before the idea of organic food had become well known. The company strove to come up with a dish that would be suitable for vegetarians. Its first product, a vegetable pot pie became an instant success. Other products would soon follow in rapid succession and it became well known that the foods were not only being eaten by vegetarians and the people who were interested in organic foods but rather by millions of consumers who wanted an easy way of preparing tasty and healthy meals. Since that time, the company has made over 250 frozen meals including sandwiches, pizzas, pot pies, snacks, entrees and whole meals. The company also has a grocery line that includes canned beans and chili, canned soups as well as salsas. The company’s products are called by supermarkets, all natural food stores and club stores in the US, Canada and other international countries. The company has remained to be a family owned business which is sensitive to its customer’s needs hence it has grown to be a great company.


What are the company’s overall objectives?

The company’s overall objectives are to provide people with the freshest of organic foods, maintain a healthy working relationship with its employees and customers and hence grow to be the world’s largest organic foods company.


            Describe your basic business offering:

My basic business offering for the company is to aid in growing the company by developing a site that will increase its presence among the prospective consumers.


            Does your company have a mission statement to help create an e-Environment:?

The company’s mission is to provide delicious and organic vegetarian prepared foods for the people who appreciate good foods yet they are often too busy to cook.


  • Does the mission statement identify the intended customer base?

Yes, the mission statement identifies its customer base as the people who love organic vegetarian foods but are often too busy to cook their own delicious foods.


  • Does the mission statement identify how the company can help customers?

Yes, it identifies that it might help consumers by providing them with delicious foods if they are too busy to cook their own foods.


  • Does the mission statement identify how you can assist in accomplishing the company’s mission?

Yes. This can be done by popularizing the company to people who are in dire need of its services.


  • Does the mission statement address how you can assist the customers?

There is no point which shows how I can assist the customers with respect to the mission statement.


            Is your company known


  • If yes, what for

Yes, it’s known for high quality and very delicious organic vegetarian foods.


  • If yes, what is its reputation

The company has a good reputation of delivering quality foods and food products in the natural food industry.


  • How will the site support your company or organization’s objectives?


The site will popularize the company among its loyal consumers and among prospective consumers hence this is made to increase its growth rate.


  • How will the site help the public know what your company stands for?

The site will carry all the information about the company. it will also offer an opportunity for consumers to interact with the company’s management.


Current Position of company operations at this time


  • Promotion

The company is doing a lot of promotion activities to popularize its products and beat the growing competition.


  • Product

The company has more than 250 brands or organic vegetarian food products.


  • Place

The company is based in the US but its products can be found in multiple countries.


  • Price

The company encompasses pocket friendly prices for its products.


  • People

The company has a healthy relationship with the people who are concerned with its products such as its employees and customers.


  • Processes

When preparing foods, the company uses procedures such as those used in the kitchen hence makes every process to be as natural as possible.


  • Physical Evidence

Physical evidence entails the availability of the company’s products in stores all over North America.






Conduct a SWOT analysis on the business


  • Strengths

The company is family owned hence no management tussles.

The company started early in advance before most of its competitors hence it is known.

The company has a good reputation.


  • Weaknesses

There are growing modern companies offering the same services.

The company can only be run by the family’s management

Lack of advertising.


  • Opportunities

More and more people are getting to know the company.

There are more vegetarians than ever before since people are turning to being vegetarians to cut on weight gains.


  • Threats

There is more competition than ever before.

There are online companies offering the same services.


  • Give an overall Analysis of the business or organization based on the SWOT analysis

Based on the SWOT analysis, it can be ascertained that the company is doing well in its market. The company has also created a market niche that is hard to penetrate by its customers but still needs to check on the growing competition.




            What type of research will you conduct?

I will conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand the company as well as its market so as to come up with a great site that is able to address the company’s needs.


  • About your business

I will conduct research to understand the operations of the business and to know what it needs to do so as to grow.


  • About your customer base

I will conduct research to understand the needs of the customers.


  • About desired customers

I will conduct research to understand the methodologies that can be undertaken to reach the desired customers and hence turn them into loyal clients.


  • About your product/service offering

I will conduct research to understand how to improve on the existing products and also check whether there can be newer innovations into the industry.


  • About other organizations (charities, foundations, etc.)

I will conduct research to see how the company can interact with other organizations in giving back to the community.


  • Which of the above are “secondary research”?

Studying on the company’s products, other organizations and its customer base.


  • Which of the above are “primary research”?

Research on desired customers and on product/service offering.




            What type of surveys do you plan on taking?


  • New customer surveys


  • Informational surveys


  • Customer satisfaction surveys


I plan on taking customer satisfaction surveys.


  • Former customer surveys


  • Product surveys


  • Uncontrollable items (taxes, regulations, currency)




What is the Market Landscape for your company?


  • Are viewers affected by its politics?

No, the viewers are not affected by the company’s politics.


  • Are viewers affected by social issues?

Yes, viewers are affected by social issues.


  • Are viewers affected by economic factors?

Yes, viewers are affected by economic factors.



  • Are viewers affected by technology?

Yes, viewers are affected by technology.





            What are the three most important things you want this site to accomplish:


  1. Generate more presence about the company to the rest of the world.


  1. Improve on the company’s reputation.


  1. Improve on the operations of the company by having more customer feedbacks.


            What do you want the viewer to do from visiting the site?

See what the company is all about and understand its products and services and hence be able to communicate with the company via the site.


What will draw them to this site

I will do more site optimization to increase the visibility of the site in search engines.


            What will encourage them to return to the site.

The site will be interesting to interact with hence will attract the customers to return to it.


  • How do you plan to execute this?

I will employ the services of an experienced site promoter in situations whereby I am lacking in knowledge.


How often will you update the site

I will update the site every fortnight.


How will the viewer know or understand that you updated the site


  • How will they find out or know?

There will be notifications for viewers who have subscribed with the site.




            Fully describe the company’s product, service, or cause

The company operates in the lie of natural food products. In this case, the company is a leader in organic vegetarian foods.


What is the overall content makeup of the site


  • Product oriented


  • Information oriented


  • Brand building


The overall content will entail excellent brand building.


  • Service oriented


  • Donation oriented


            Who is the primary target or audience:?

Every person who is interested with natural organic foods.


  • List the demographics of the viewers

The demographics of the viewers encompass the people who are likely to search the internet for their needs. These people are likely to be more than fifteen years in age and less than fifty years.


  • Are there different factors for different viewers?

No, there are no different factors for different viewers.


  • Specifically, what differences are there and how will you treat them


What is the “niche” customer possibility for the site


  • Are there “niche” markets that can help your company excel

Yes, the company I already known as the number one company in natural foods.


  • Describe the different “niches”

The company has loyal clients in organic foods, vegetarian foods and for grocery lines.


  • Describe the different demographics for each “niche”

All niches encompass the same demographics.




Objectives Analysis  


  • Specific Outcome or Results

More online presence for the company and more sales


  • How will you measure the day to day results of the site?

I will have automatic recording of any activity in the site that will show what happens in the site.


  • How will you measure annual results?

There will be analysis of activities in the site that will be able to show on the annual results.


  • What do you feel is achievable?

More online presences achievable.


  • What is a overall structure of the site

The site will be constructed from scratch and will be adynamic interactive site.


            General Measurements in Detail (pages 59 & 60 in text)


  • Brand measurement


  • Provisions of after-sales services


  • Lead generation


  • Online sales


  • Maximize visitor numbers




What is the company or organization’s present strategy


            What is the overall strategy for the site?

The overall strategy for the company is to keep growing and reach unto more consumers hence the site will help on that.


  • Is this site strategy for a new company or organization


  • Is this site strategy to accompany the existing company?


Yes, this strategy is made to accompany the existing company.


  • How will the site help implement the company or organization’s strategy




When people think of your site, what color do they see

A green color is more suitable for a company that is interested in organic vegetarian products.



Is your site’s appearance engaging, soft, casual, dynamic, bold, or aggressive?

The appearance is engaging, soft and dynamic.


  • Describe the photos you will use

I will use photos of healthy foods as well as certain aspects of the cooking of the foods. The pictures will be catchy and educative.


  • Describe the graphics

I will use GIF photos and java scripts in coming up with excellent graphics.


  • Do you plan on using video?

Yes, I will use videos especially when explaining on how to come up with some basic products.


  • Do you plan on using a blog?

Yes, I will connect the site with a blog.


  • Do you plan of doing webinars?

Yes, I will include webinars in situations when the customer needs to talk with the site admin.


  • Search mechanism

I will use google site optimization to increase on the search availability of the company.


  • Favorites section

The favorites section is the page explaining on the company’s most famous delicacies.


  • Links to other like-sites or information

All pages will be linked to the home page.


  • E-metrics and Keyword search

There will be keyword search in the site.




Will you Blog


  • What will be the content focus?

Yes, I will blog. The focus will be customer enlightenment on the activities of the company.


Will you host Webinars


  • What will be the content focus?

Yes, I will do webinars to show customers how to go about with relevant activities that are associated with the company’s products.


Will you publish White Papers?


  • How often and how relevant

Yes, I will publish relevant white papers every month


Other social and e-support (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) \

I will encompass the use of other social support such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram




What is the time frame for managing and evaluating the site (pg. 59 & 60 in text)


the site will have an automatic measuring for daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance.






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