Last Word

Why have tech firms with near monopolies in their own sectors sought to compete with tech firms that have extremely strong, near-monopoly positions in other sectors?


b.) Please provide two full paragraphs regarding non-price competition in the Monopolistic Competition market model…explain the characteristics by relating them to some examples of companies or products in the model;

c.) Additionally, provide two full paragraphs regarding Oligopolies from the viewpoint of overt and covert collusion; factors that prevent collusion and why the government would concern itself with collusive behavior.

d.) Find any article from within 3 years only…regarding mergers and acquisitions…find the company and note whether it was a successful merger or one in progress; did the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) get involved; do a one paragraph summary and three paragraphs on the success or failure or progress and your opinion regarding impact on market share and the consumer.


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