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Review the following factual scenario.  In January 2001, a New York man attended a family birthday party at a Benihana restaurant, where chefs, while cooking at the table, routinely throw pieces of food for diners to catch with their mouths. The man wrenched his neck while ducking a piece of flying shrimp, requiring treatment by several doctors. By that summer, doctors determined surgery was necessary to treat numbness in his arm. Five months after surgery, he checked into the hospital with a high fever and died. The family sued Benihana for $10 million in damages, claiming that the fever was the result of surgery, which in turn was the result of the chef’s actions in throwing food at diners.

Try to find this case through a Google search.  Was the case ever filed?  Did it go to trial?  What was the result?  Do you believe that Benihana should be liable for the man’s death?  Why or Why Not?


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