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You MUST produce and submit your own work. Copying a file or copying-and-pasting any part of a Visio diagram, table, or written response is NOT collaboration. This is cheating. ALL people involved in this or any other type of cheating will receive an F in the course and may be subject to further disciplinary action.


ALL of your responses MUST demonstrate that you understand the concept pertaining to the questions asked.

  • The entire exam is based on the same organization.
  • Each section is labeled with a chapter title.
    • A narrative for the organization is included is included within the exam. Each successive narrative adds to the story.
    • The chapter narrative is the primary source of organization information for that section, though you may need to refer to PRIOR narratives to support your responses.
    • You must use information from that chapter in your responses for that section.
    • You may also add information from other chapters to enhance your responses.

Rick was having a problem with his laptop. Ever since he installed a new solid state drive, his laptop would overheat when producing his course Camtasia videos. His laptop would get so hot that the heat-activated circuit breaker would shut down his computer. After unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem through software and hardware adjustments, he decided that a powerful laptop cooler might be able to keep his laptop sufficiently cool that it would no longer overheat. Unfortunately, the laptop coolers currently available all plug into one or two USB ports. This limits their cooling ability due to a lack of electrical power.

To solve the problem, Rick decided to build his own laptop cooler. One that would draw power straight from a 110v outlet. It would use several computer case fans and have very good ventilation. After much research and design, he constructed the cooler. It did not look great, but it did provide a lot of cooling power. His old laptop that he used to produce Camtasia videos still overheated, but at least it took much longer for the computer to shut off. It did do a great job keeping his other laptops nice and cool, even when they were running GPU-intensive applications. Rick decided that his cooler might be commercially successful, so he formed IwaL (Idiot with a Laptop), Inc.

IwaL, Inc. is going to produce and sell Rick’s cooler, the 120 Four laptop cooler. It consists of four 120 mm case fans, which can move up to 316 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). The potential target markets for this cooler are gamers, graphics/video editors, and other laptop users requiring intensive graphics rendering CPU processing. High-end laptops capable of running these applications generate a tremendous amount of heat—too much heat to be dissipated by ordinary laptop coolers that plug into a USB port. This cooler uses. To get more power, this laptop cooler uses an AC adapter that plugs into a regular outlet, like the adapters you use to power a laptop.

This is a small company. IwaL, Inc. is currently located in Fort Collins, CO. It will be organized as a corporation. Rick will serve as CEO and CFO. He will own 50.1% of the stock. His friend, Dave will serve as COO and will own 15% of the stock. Finally, his brother Ed will be the Treasurer and Controller. Ed will own 34.9% of the stock.

Based on preliminary estimates, Rick, Dave, and Ed believe that they can sell the laptop profitably for between $100 and $200. The reason for the large range in desired sales price is that the cooler has been constructed by purchasing parts at retail prices from various online and brick-and-mortar stores. They do not yet know how much the parts will cost or how much labor and overhead they will incur when they go into full-scale production.

Here are some pictures of an early concept design of cooler.

Since the 120 Four is still in its developmental stages and not yet ready for production, IwaL’s is trying to keep its information system costs to a minimum, though it wants to make sure that they can expand the system quickly as the need arises. As you learned from class this semester, outgrowing one’s information system will impair the ability of an organization to operate effectively.

IwaL does not yet have a separate office space. Rick does his research, design, and development from his home. He keeps in contact with Dave and Ed (Ed lives out of state) in person, and electronically by phone, email, and text. Rick purchases parts at local stores and online.

Rick’s Current Information Technology:

  • Two laptop computers with internet connectivity.
  • A smart phone with email, text, and internet capability.
  • A personal YouTube Channel.
  • A Vimeo Plus account that he uses for personal and academic purposes.
  • An Xtranormal account with Xtranormal Desktop software.
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Suite, including Visio, Access, Publisher, One Note, and Project.
  • The Adobe Creative suite, including web authoring, photo editing, and video editing.
  • Camtasia screen-capture software.
  • A web host for his domain,
    • The web site used for personal and academic purposes.
    • FTP site.
    • Email
      • A Microsoft Exchange email account for this domain.
      • Several personal pop email accounts for this domain.
    • A Google Voice account for voice and text.
    • A Windows Live account, including Sky Drive.
    • A SendSpace account for sharing files.
    • Two Skype accounts, one personal and one for academic purposes.
    • A Linked-In account for personal and academic purposes.
    • A FaceBook page. No friends. Only used for signing in on certain web sites.
    • Two metal cans connected by a string for short-range communications J

Chapter 1:

  1. The chapter contains a discussion about the importance of learning four key nonroutine skills. For each skill listed below, write 2-3 sentence discussing how you think Rick applied, or could have applied each skill to help him develop his laptop cooler into a successful commercial product.
    1. Abstract Reasoning:


  1. Systems Thinking:


  1. Collaboration:


  1. Ability to Experiment


  1. The narrative provides a description of Rick’s information technology. Describe an information system that Rick can use to get his business venture up and running. Be sure to incorporate the five components of an information system: hardware, software, data, processes, and people (4-7 sentences).


Chapter 2

Parts used to build the 120 Four cooler were purchased through retail outlets. The parts list used to make the cooler is listed below. Prices are provided at retail cost as well as an estimated production cost. The second table shows estimated labor costs.

Based on these estimates, Rick, Dave, and Ed decided to conduct a series of focus groups and product demonstrations to determine the marketability of the product and a potential price. These activities will take place in coffee shops, public libraries, and college student centers.

IwaL now has its own domain, Along with a web site, Dave set up email accounts for all three partners and a Microsoft Exchange account. They use this account for their business calendar and business contacts. All three partners have access to the calendar and contacts. They can all add, edit, and delete appointments from this account. Also, all three can read and respond to email sent to this account.

Dave is in charge of scheduling. He contacts each potential venue’s activity coordinator (may be a receptionist or store manager) to schedule a product demonstration or focus group. Dave checks IwaL’s calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts. If there is a conflict with the date/time requested by the venue coordinator, Dave suggests an alternate date/time. When they agree on an available date/time Dave enters the appointment in IwaL’s calendar and sends a meeting request to whoever will be conducting the focus group or product demonstration. Dave enters the details of the activity within the appointment. If the venue coordinator does not what to schedule an IwaL activity, Dave enters the details of the conversation in an Outlook Note. The process is complete when the assigned person accepts the appointment.

  1. How would you improve IwaL’s scheduling process? (3-5 sentences)

Chapter 3

The results of the focus groups and product demonstrations indicate that gamers are enthusiastic about the cooler, especially gamers who own flashy high-end laptops like the Alienware M17x. They had the following thoughts about the cooler:

  • They especially liked the LED lighted fans and they wanted to be able to order coolers with the fan color(s) of their choosing.
  • Some of the same respondents wanted more color options than just stainless steel. They did not like the plain wood color of the legs. Most people agreed that the legs should be painted the same color as the frame.
  • Pricewise, these high-end gamers thought that $200 would be a fair price for such a cooler, though they would be much happier if it were $150.


The video editors and graphic artists appreciated that the cooler will help their equipment last longer. However, at $200, they will need to see test results using software such as SpeedFan. This market segment focused on dependability because they use their laptops professionally. If their laptop malfunctions they could lose a client and damage their reputation. They did not like the LED lights on the fans and they wanted an understated look. Some suggested to paint the entire cooler matte black.

Since the cooler is not a very complicated build, some people from both groups thought it would be nice to be able to purchase the cooler as a kit. It would save money, be fun to build, and make it easier to modify the cooler.


  1. Which of the four competitive strategies would you recommend that IwaL use to sell the 120 Four laptop cooler and why? (3-5 sentences).


  1. Discuss how each of the five competitive forces applies to IwaL’s 120 Four laptop cooler. Is it a strength or weakness and why? (2-3 sentences each).
    1. Competition from vendors of substitutes


  1. Competition from new competitors


  1. Competition from existing rivals


  1. Bargaining power of suppliers


  1. Bargaining power of customers


Chapter 4

Refer back to the scheduling process in Chapter 2. The information system that IwaL currently uses does not meet their needs. For example, information is “trapped” in appointment notes and Outlook notes. The venue coordinators cannot view IwaL’s calendar. Also, there is no way other than sending email to get feedback from venue coordinators and participants. Rick was listening to a computer podcast to help him sleep and woke up the next morning ranting that “internet things are everywhere.” That is what happens when you listen to technology podcasts as you are falling asleep.


  1. How could IwaL’s laptop cooler benefit from the internet of things? (5-7 sentences).


Chapter 5 and Chapter Extension 5

Ed is going to build an Access database to more efficiently and accurately enter, store, retrieve, and mine the data related to the focus groups and product demonstrations. You will draw an entity-relationship diagram using the Resources, Events, and Agents format based on the following information.

  • An IwaL employee obtains contact information for potential venues (libraries, coffee shops, and college student centers). Information collected includes the type of venue, the venue name and address, and the contact information of the venue coordinators. Some venues have more than one coordinator. (note: This is NOT an event. It describes information requirements for the database.)
  • The employee schedules an activity with ONE venue coordinator. Information collected in this step includes the type of activity (product demonstration or focus group, or other marketing activity), date/time/duration of the activity, and number of 120 Four laptop coolers needed for the activity. If the scheduling is unsuccessful, the IwaL employee enters the information in a separate table for unsuccessful appointment attempts.
  • When an activity is complete, the IwaL employee returns the laptop coolers to the store room. He/she also records the names and contact information for each of the participants. Participants can participate in more than one focus group and/or product demonstration.
  • Participant comments are stored in a separate table. Each comment is related to a specific participant and to the specific activity. Participants can make more than one comment for each activity in which they participate.



  1. Describe a useful query that Ed could run with his database and why it is useful (3-5 sentences).


Chapter 7

After analyzing the results of their market research, IwaL decided to bring the 120 Four laptop cooler to the market. They decided to start out slowly by advertising and selling their coolers online. This will give them time to develop an efficient manufacturing process, formalize other business processes, and develop supply chain relationships. Of course, their information system will need to be scaled up to handle an active manufacturing company.


Additionally, IwaL’s owners want to avoid making large capital investments (fixed costs) to minimize losses if the laptop cooler is not successful. One way to minimize fixed cost is to outsource the manufacturing process. IwaL decided against sending the manufacturing work overseas because it will 1) cause IwaL to lose control over the manufacturing process, 2) reduce IwaL’s flexibility in implementing product changes and introducing new products because they will have to produce coolers in large batches to make the process economically viable, and 3) outsourcing jobs overseas will likely damage IwaL’s reputation within the U.S.


Therefore, since the coolers are relatively easy to assemble, IwaL contracted with the local ARC charity (an organization that helps provide jobs for the mentally challenged) to assemble the coolers. To make the coolers easier to build, IwaL also decided to eliminate the large wood legs that need to be cut and sanded with two small preassembled and adjustable metal legs that will be bolted through the rear of the frame. Also, IwaL will purchase electric cords that already have a built-in switch.

The proposed production process involves the steps listed below. :

  • Steps 1 and 3 will be done by Dave in his basement with rented equipment.
  • Step 2 will be done by Front Range Power Coating, Inc.
  • Step 4 will be completed by Rick with a rented color laser printer.


  1. Drill holes in both frames for the rear legs.
  2. Powder coat frames and legs.
  3. Use a drill to make the top holes of the fan larger.
  4. Print logo stickers.
  5. Cut and attach logos to top and bottom of fans and legs.
  6. Use mounting tape to attach AC adapter to frame.
  7. Attach fans to frame with flathead female posts, washers, and bolts; and route wires using mounting tape.
  8. Install multi-fan blower port with mounting tape; plug wires and AC adapter cord into multi-fan blower port.
  9. Tape individual fan switches together into a cluster of four switches (adjusts fan speed: low, medium, high).
  10. Cut Velcro and affix it to both sides of the frame.
  11. Use a threaded cap to attach the legs to the frame.
  12. Inspect assembly.
  13. Plug in and test product on all three speeds.


  1. IwaL knows that it needs a CRM to keep track of customer interactions. To avoid costly hardware and software investments, they are going to license NetSuite’s cloud-based CRM module Write one sentence to describe the type of information that each of the following groups will need FROM the CRM.


  1. Front Range Power Coating, Inc.


  1. Ed, the accountant


  1. Customers


  1. The first few months of sales have been encouraging. Sales went from 50 coolers the first month to 200 coolers in the third month. To help achieve their sales goal of 500 coolers per month through direct sales, IwaL hired independent contractors to sell coolers at film festivals and gaming tournaments.

Since IwaL is continuing to expand its operations, all three owners feel that it is time to implement an ERP solution even though they do not have any actual employees. There is no corporate headquarters, the receptionist works from home and routes calls directly to the three owners’ cell phones, and sales, marketing, and manufacturing are done through contract labor. IwaL decided to add NetSuite’s ERP module to their current subscription.


  1. List one advantage and one disadvantage of using NetSuite’s CRM and ERP modules (one sentence each).


  1. For each of the items below, describe how they apply to IwaL’s decision to add NetSuite’s ERP module to its existing CRM subscription (1-2 sentences).


  1. Requirements gaps


  1. Transition problems


  • Employee resistance


Chapter 9 and CE 12

For the last two months of their fiscal year, IwaL achieved its goal of selling 500 coolers per month. At this point, the 120 Four cooler has become the “secret weapon” for both gamers and video editors. Additionally, the 120 Four laptop cooler is starting to gain popularity among dessert chefs. On a recent episode of Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman, known for using power tools in his kitchen and an avid gamer, used a 120 Four laptop cooler to gently and quickly cool down a delicate batch of chocolate cake ornaments. About a month later, Dave received a phone call from the Sky Mall’s product acquisition manager. Sky Mall is the in-flight catalog that you find on many airlines. Skye, the manager wants to sell the 120 Four cooler through the Sky Mall catalog in the kitchenware department. Dave and Ed think that placing the 120 Four cooler in the technology section will be much better for sales.


  1. You ask Skye for a market-basket analysis to help you make your decision. Explain how this will help you make your decision (4-6 sentences).


Chapter 10

Assume that IwaL adds NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP module to its subscription (it already uses NetSuite’s cloud-based CRM module). List three security threats to IwaL’s information system and what he should do to control each threat (2-3 sentences per threat).


Threat #1


Threat #2


Threat #3

Chapter 11

  1. When IwaL started using NetSuite’s cloud CRM and ERP services, exactly what did it outsource (1 – 2 sentences)?


  1. Do you think this outsourcing was a good idea? Why or why not? (2 – 4 sentences).


Chapter 12

  1. How do the five phases of the SDLC apply to the development and implementation of Ed’s database in the Chapter 5 section of this exam (1-2 sentences each).
    1. System definition


  1. Requirements analysis


  1. Component design


  1. Implementation


  1. System maintenance





ALL of your responses MUST demonstrate that you understand the concepts pertaining to the questions asked.


  • Generic responses will receive NO CREDIT.
    • You must apply your knowledge to this specific company.
    • Reguritating generic definitions and examples is unacceptable.
      • Providing examples directly from the textbook will receive ZERO credit.
    • I will strictly enforce the maximum word count limit of 1,000 words.
      • Although there is no word-count minimum, a 500-word exam is unlikely to contain sufficient detail to earn a passing grade.
    • Collaboration
      • Regardless of how much help you receive or provide, the exam MUST be your OWN work. See related policy statement at the top of this exam.
      • You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, but not required to collaborate with other students. At a minimum, you should have a classmate proofread your work.
      • Collaboration consists of the following:
        • Discussions about the assignment.
        • Helping or getting help creating/editing your own Visio models.
        • Proofreading models, tables, and written responses for grammar, consistency, and errors.
      • You MUST turn in SEPARATE and DISTINCT paper.
        • You will earn ZERO points if you turn in extremely similar papers.
      • Document requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS:
        • Rename the file E4.docx.
        • Document must be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx).
        • Title page.
          • BACS 300 Fall 2016, Exam 2
          • Date
          • Your name.
          • Collaboration table.
        • BlackBoard submission.
          • Due date – Thursday, December 8th, NO EXCEPTIONS.
          • The exam upload link will be in the Exam 3 section. Do NOT add anything to the filename because BlackBoard adds your name, date, and time of submission to the filename.
            • Word document. Name your file docx.
          • Grading
            • Grade will be based entirely on content. Writing mechanics, formatting, and grammar need to be acceptable. Writing that detracts from the quality of your responses will be reflected in the score for that particular item.
            • Each section is weighted equally.
              • Points per chapter = 19.2 points per chapter ([192 points] / [10 chapters]).
            • Collaborators
              • The number of collaborators will NOT affect your grade. Working alone will not improve your grade.
              • Do NOT turn in identical written analyses. You will receive an F in the course and possibly additional disciplinary action. This happened last year.

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