Islam Essay

In this course, you utilized a variety of methods to explore the subject of Islam and to see Islam as a lived tradition, practiced by humans, which takes many different forms in the world and effects society in a variety of ways. Which approaches (theoretical or methodological) to the subject taken within the course were most instrumental in explaining the subject  and study of Islam in an academic setting to you and why were these useful?  How did specific readings complicate or problematize your understanding of what Islam has been, is, or could be, within the world? Lastly, how do these materials and conversations help you to think through the topic of religion as a human phenomenon within the world we all occupy?

Read the following prompt and consider the themes that you are being asked to address. Then, consider what resources from the course you can utilize to answer the question and formulate a plan of how to answer it within the allotted time.  Your answer needs to utilize at least 4 pieces of evidence from the course readings and other materials, so I anticipate you will need at least 6 paragraphs (of 4-6 sentences), including an introduction and conclusion that addresses the third question. Please make sure that at least 2 of your 4+ course materials are from the second half of the course.

Also, your answer will need to arrive at a precise ending, so I do not think an argument longer than about 8 paragraphs is necessary.

You will be graded on grammar, formatting, spelling, and citations, so remember to leave yourself time to proofread and to list your sources used at the end as well.

Your grade will also be based on demonstrating your knowledge of course materials—if you already know about the subject, that is great, but make sure you demonstrate your knowledge of the assigned materials from this semester. The paper will probably be between 800-1200 words, depending on your paragraph lengths and writing style. 

Outlining your answer ahead of time will save you time overall. You can include the outline with your paper for an extra 2 points on your final. 



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