This is a multi-part discussion activity. Make sure to answer each prompt. 

Part 1: Watch video 1 and write a reflection on what you learned about empathy. Do not summarize the video. Critically examine what you learned about empathy from the speaker and her anecdotes.

Power of empathy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baHrcC8B4WM

Part 2: Watch video 2 and write an empathic response to the speaker in the video. Write the empathic response as if you are writing a letter to the speaker. Respond to the worldview of the speaker. Respond “as if” you are in the shoes of the speaker. Let the speaker know you understand them and connect with them.

How to talk to transgender people: https://www.ted.com/talks/jackson_bird_how_to_talk_and_listen_to_transgender_people

Part 3: Reflect on how you can apply what you learned about empathy to work with clients in the human services field (1 paragraph).

Part 4: Reflect on how these videos impacted your journey of multicultural awareness and competency.


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