Finance Case study

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the case study include 2 question which are.

1. The offers from Verizon and Qwest include collars. Draw a payoff diagram to show how much MCI shareholders would receive depending on the Verizon stock price. In your graph, the payoff to MCI shareholders (per share) should be on the vertical axis, and Verizon stock price (per share) on the trading day immediately preceding the effective date should be on the horizontal
axis. Draw the same graph for the Qwest offer. Compare and interpret the two payoff diagrams from the perspective of the MCI shareholders.
4. Merger arbitrage (or risk arbitrage) funds speculate on the completion of stock and cash mergers, typically buying the target and hedging the risk of the acquirer’s shares according to the exchange ratio in stock mergers. Provide a brief summary of how this merger arb business works. Then, comment on how the merger arb activity may influence Qwest share price if MCI’s board accepts
their offer.


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