Research Paper Writing- Python

CMPSC-132: Programming and Computation II
Homework 2 (100 points)
Goal: The goal of this assignment is to reinforce the fundamental concepts of object-oriented
programming in Python. Through this homework, you should gain a better idea of how to
implement a system of classes that build on each other.
General instructions:
• The work in this assignment must be your own original work and be completed alone.
• The instructor and course assistants are available on Piazza and with office hours to answer
any questions you may have. You may also share testing code on Piazza.
• A doctest is provided to ensure basic functionality and may not be representative of the full
range of test cases we will be checking. Further testing is your responsibility.
• Debugging code is also your responsibility.
Assignment-specific instructions:
• Download the starter code file from Canvas. Do not change the function names or given
starter code in your script.
• You can assume objects will be initialized with the proper date types; you don’t need to
check data types unless is explicitly mentioned in the class’ method description
• If you are unable to complete a method, leave the pass statement

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