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This is over the course of the whole semester…..

For this course, you will conduct a research study related to perceived stress among undergraduate students enrolled at (our college). Your research study should relate your field of studyto stress(parks and recreation).

The research project is not hypothetical; you are required to design a research proposal (including instrument items to be used). Subsequently, and on approval of your proposal, you will collect and analyze data using the approved Instrument(s).

The research project in this course has many associated activities and assignments. Descriptions for all activities will be provided in class or on the course webpage. However, in general, the research project is divided into three major components:  (Project time line is in file)

  1. Research Problem Identification – (Worksheet Due 9/20/20)(Started on the worksheet- not completed I am lost)

After youhave identified a general topic area, you will complete a Research Problem Worksheet (posted online) to specify your research questions and your intended study methodology.

  • Research Proposal –Use the information specified in you Research Problem Worksheet to draft your Research Proposal (see template online). I will provide feedback on your draft prior to submitting it for grading.

The Research proposal consists of the following sections:Introduction, Literature Review, Study Purpose, Method*, References, & Appendix

*Should be written using future tense.

  • Data Analysis Plan – (will need help with how to do the study (what questions to ask participants, observation? Experiment? Idon’t know) I can do leg work Collect data and send results to writer)

The data analysis plan will detail your plans for analysis following data collection. The data analysis plan will include the following: specific research question(s), independent variable and scale, dependent variable and scale, null hypothesis, and planned statistical test. 

  • Final Paper

Following approval(s) of your Research Proposal and Data Analysis plan, you will analyze the data collected through the instrument described. Subsequently, you will write a full research paper, in which you will include study methodology, results, discussion, and conclusions to the sections in your research proposal (see template online).

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