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As part of this course, you are required to attend one concert of Western art music (solo recital, chamber music, symphony, and/or opera) or musical theatre performance.You will write a 1-page essay on the music that you heard at the concert or performance.

I attended Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. Please write an one page essay about this Broadway Show and includes following:

Open your essay describing the type of performance, performance venue, the ambience, and the audience.

  • Succinctly summarize the plot. Point out one or two of the major narrative themes (redemption, forgiveness, family, revenge, sickness, friendship, loyalty, love, etc.).
  • Segue into your chosen scene by describing the moment that you want to discuss and explaining why you chose this particular moment.
  • Describe two musical elements (e.g. dynamics, tone color, tempo, texture, etc.) as your heard them used in the scene.
  • Discuss the effect of these elements on your experience and mood. How did these elements aid or hinder the physical performance of the actor(s)?
  • Discuss the impact that this scene had on the your experience on the remainder of the work.
  • Did it reflect or play an important role in communicating the piece’s major themes?
  • Did you enjoy yourself? Would you recommend it? Are you likely to attend another performance like it?




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