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Title: oil spill alawim3
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• Case 25 page 264 [ oil spill ] it in the ebook which I will upload ————————————-Instruction —————————— This term paper must contain a detailed summary of the case being studied, consisting of the main engineering, ethical and legal issues.
• A critical ethical analysis of the case is what will be graded.This must include everything taught within this course including ASCE and National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Codes of Ethics, Utilitarian and Respect for Persons Theory, line-drawing, Walesh’s Four Quadrant Theory and all questions from the “Virtual Ethical Toolkit.”
• This is a term paper should be 7 – 10 pages in length, excluding the cover page.It should be single spaced, with 1 inch margins all around and a font no larger than 12.
References in this paper must be from reputable scientific or engineering cites.Google is not a cite.The internet or web is not a cite. You must use APA Style (American Psychological Association) for the citations (references).————————————————————————————– I will also upload extra stuff

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