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Subject or discipline: Education
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I am studying Educational leadership and policy studies master degree.I am an international student,and I need your help to write my comprehensive exam. It is a final paper for the program,and this is my last chance for taking this exam.The exam depends on school data and the understanding of Colorado principal standers then how will you apply them to the school and the district improvement plan and building strong leadership in the school and relationship with all stakeholder at school. there are many explanations for the writing the paper that I upload. please pay attention to all upload papers that attach with the order. It is very important paper it tests my understanding for the program, so I have to include some courses materials and relate them in the paper.
This pdf I upload there is explaining for the exam and the Colorado Principal Standards called (Interdisciplinary Masters Comprehensive Exam and Rubric)
I choose job position for PRINCIPAL AT TRAYLOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL from that site:
You must read the position description and know the needs of the school.
this is information about the school enrollments:

Click to access ES283.PDF

Colorado’s Unified Improvement Plan for Schools for 2012-13

Click to access 0880-8888.pdf

School Performance Framework 2013-2014

Click to access 283%20-%20Stoplight%20Scorecard.pdf

Denver public school is the district you can get some information that help to write the paper
school site you can find curricular activities programs and information about school help in the paper


Click to access 2016-0880-8888.pdf

There more pdfs I upload about the school and district school performance framework and growth model
I need 6 sources in the paper, and I want to use this books as sources in my paper.
Books from my ELPS program :it is important to include an example from courses program and how I can apply in my school plan and strategy to improve the school plan.
1-The Principal: Leadership for a Global Society by Bruce M. Whitehead (Author), Floyd A. Boschee (Author), Robert H. Decker (Author)
2-The Basic Guide to SuperVision and Instructional Leadership (3rd Edition) (Allyn & Bacon Educational Leadership) 3rd Edition by Carl D. Glickman (Author), Stephen P. Gordon (Author), Jovita M. Ross-Gordon (Author)
3-Using Equity Audits to Create Equitable and Excellent Schools by Linda E. Skrla (Editor), Kathryn B. (Bell) McKenzie (Editor), James Joseph Scheurich (Editor)
Entry Plan (for the first three months)
• What kinds of data/resources will I use to identify the needs of the school?
• What will I do to address the needs I find within my first three months at this school?
Data Use
• How do I integrate the data into my entry plan?
• How will I use and communicate these data to my stakeholders?
Relationship Building
• To whom do I reach out to in my first three months?
• How will I reach out to my target contacts/groups?
Colorado Principal Standards
• Have I integrated the 7 Colorado Principal Licensure Standards and course content into my plan?
• How have I integrated the special education administrator standards and SE course content into
my plan?
• Did I clearly reference the specific standard(s)/competency(ies)? Example: (Standard 2.2)?
Plese check all files to write the paper.
These are some tips from the ELPS program, and the rest of the tips are in word documents called (MA comprehensive exam order instruction) I upload it with important pdfs and documents about school.
Thank you

MA Comprehensive Exam: Developing an entry plan for an open principal position

  1. Identify an open principal position. This cannot be at your current school but can be in your current district. Gather as much information about the school/district/community as possible. Possible sources include the following:
  2. School’s UIP/improvement plan (strongly encouraged)
  3. District’s UIP/improvement plan
  4. Demographic data on school and district (often found on the respective websites)
  5. Census data on community demographics (Age, level of education, occupations, etc.)
  6. School’s student achievement data available on the CDE website (or the state education department of the school you are focusing on)
  7. Any information on parental involvement, extra-curriculars, curriculum, programs, etc. from the school and district websites
  8. Results of TELL Colorado survey (or other similar surveys administered by the district/school and open to the public)
  9. Local newspaper articles on the school and/or district.

Other steps in preparation to writing…

  • Read and apply the Writing Tips also found on the ELPS Forms website (towards the bottom of the list). Go back and reread these tips after you have written your exam and proofread.
  • Part of your preparation to be a school leader is the ability to communicate well, both in writing and orally. Grammar and punctuation errors detract from the message of any communication; therefore, minimize such errors by knowing the rules, applying them, and proofreading carefully.
  • Assemble all of the data you have collected (see prior slide for suggestions for sources) and analyze the data. Your guiding question in this analysis should be the following: What needs are revealed by the data for each stakeholder group?
  • As listed in the comp directions, the stakeholders and some of their interests include the following:
  • Students (achievement and assessment, safety, equity/diversity, culture)
  • Teachers (supervision and evaluation, professional development resources and needs, culture)
  • Parents (perceptions, support, school interactions, communications)
  • Community (perceptions, resources, support, interactions, communications)
  • District Office (reporting requirements, resources, rules/regulations, finance, communication lines, hiring/termination processes, evaluation process, negotiated agreements)
  • State (reporting requirements, rules/regulations)
  • Develop action plan items to address each of the needs that you have identified in your analysis of the data.
  • Action items may address more than one stakeholder at a time
  • Order your action plan items in chronological order or by need. There must be some guiding logical order to your entry plan.
  • Go through all of the syllabi, papers, materials, slides, texts, etc. from ALL of your ELPS program classes and identify sources that relate to or help develop what you will propose in each action in your entry plan.
  • Go through and label each entry plan item or parts of entry plan items that relate to the Colorado Principal Standards. (There needs to be a clear/explicit identification of how your entry plan steps address each of the CO Principal Standards.) It is preferable to not only cite the standard, but also the competency (e.g., Standard 2.2).
  • Reread the directions for the MA comp, particularly the rubric description for a Level 4/High response (see next slide).


Writing your comprehensive exam

  • As you write, be sure to review the Writing Tips on the ELPS Forms page periodically.
  • Begin with an introduction.
  • Do NOT write as though you are addressing a particular group of stakeholders. You are writing an exam and your audience are your ELPS professors.
  • Be sure you have an overall organization to your exam. (Clear headings are a must.)
  • Be sure you explicitly include the data (as well as its source) related to each entry plan step.
  • Explicitly discuss how you will develop relationships with each stakeholder group.
  • Each step should be detailed. For example, it is not enough to say you will develop relationships with teachers. Rather, explain that you will meet with them individually before the school year begins and ask them specific questions, then you will have an informal kick-off BBQ, etc. Be specific!
  • Your MA comp differs from the entry plan assignment you completed as part of the ELPS 670 class in the following ways:
  • The comp must be for a position at a school where you do not currently work.
  • The comp can be supplemented with charts, but should be predominantly narrative.
  • The comp entry plan steps MUST be firmly anchored in data.
  • The comp entry plan MUST be explicitly related to and address each CO Principal Standard.
  • The directions for the MA comp state the following so be sure you do each of these clearly:
  • Clearly and logically articulate the following:
  • The needs of the school
  • The data you found that indicates that these needs should be a priority
  • What actions you will take to address these needs
  • How these actions you plan to take will positively impact the identified need(s)
  • Be sure you have addressed each CO Principal Standard in an integrated but explicit manner. Reference the principal standards/competencies within action steps, not simply at the end of the section. In other words, what action goes with what standard/competency?
  • Be sure you have a solid introduction and conclusion to your entry plan, as well as transitions between each section.
  • Be sure you have a clear and logical organization of the exam marked by clear headings.
  • Be sure you have cited materials from courses throughout your ELPS program to support your entry plan action steps.
  • Be sure the data or reason for each entry plan action item is clearly and persuasively presented.
  • Be sure you have included multiple means of building relationships with each stakeholder group, referencing sources to demonstrate that you know what actions build strong relationships.
  • Review the Writing Tips and proofread!

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