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The project manager at a development company is contemplating the future of the firm’s next innovative development project, which had originally been conceptualized in 2008, but for various reasons, had not yet come to fruition. The project manager wants to evaluate the venture from a financial viewpoint, including the company’s ongoing cash position should the company go ahead with the building process; he also wants to assess other relevant qualitative considerations. Alternatively, the company could sell the land, which has appreciated considerably in value. All decisions would take into account the company’s goals and reputation in the industry.

Harvard Business Coursepack. This course will utilize three case studies from the Harvard Business for Education. Please follow the link to sign-up for and purchase the coursepack: 

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Case Study Questions:

  1. Identify Domus’ corporate strengths and weakenesses.
  2. Analyze the company’s potential customers and the demand for North Point in the current market.
  3. What are the pros and cons of developing North Point versus selling the land? What implications can be drawn from this analysis?
  4. Prepare a 24-month cash budget for building North Point, starting in May 2014.
  5. As Mescia, what is your decision? Be prepared to defend this decision.

In 3 pages, and applying material from the chapter readings of this module, answer the above questions.  Integrate references (minimum of 3). Reply to these questions in essay (not Q & A) format.  Provide a graduate level introduction paragraph, and conclusion paragraph.

Use the provided writing template, and follow 6th edition APA writing conventions. 


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