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The response form teacher:

Hi Talal,

I think your discussion of painting in relation to figuration relates to some of the issues raised in Gilles

Deleuze’s texts “Painting and Sensation,” and “The Diagram” (in the readings for week 9). You should

also definitely refer to the attached text by Charles Jencks as a primary source for how collage was

defined in the context of Postmodern architecture. It would be useful to differentiate between collage as

defined by Jencks and what you refer to as ‘iconic’. You should identify specific techniques that are used

in several projects in order to facilitate legibility. How does this contemporary form of architectural

legibility differ from discussions of Postmodern iconicity and collage (Jencks)? It would be good to

review all the readings in the Figuration topic in order to present your position in that context. It would

also be useful to speculate on what aspects of our contemporary cultural moment have prompted this

shift in forms of legibility in architecture. I look forward to seeing the essay develop.

Best, Marcelyn


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