Discussion question

You are being asked to recognize the arguments put forth by Carnegie and Gompers; what are their respective audiences? How are their arguments in opposition to each other? Regarding the Handlin and Wyman essays; how do these illustrate a range of interpretation on a given topic? In what ways do they agree and/or disagree? You should recognize some of the ethnic, racial, gender and religious diversity inherent in America at the turn of the 20th century.

Review the “Wealth” excerpt by Carnegie; review the excerpt by Adam Smith;  in the Hoffman textbook, read in chapter 3: documents # 2, 3 and 5; read the textbook essay by Lee; read the online essays by Handlin and Wyman ; review my “Industrialization – Thoughts” piece.

Discussion questions:

How do the arguments presented by Gompers refute those of Carnegie?

How are the descriptions of the plight of immigrants presented by Lee, Handlin and Wyman similar? On what facts or ideas do they seem to disagree?


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