Discussion Board



This is a workshop designed to help your refine your research paper in an area where you feel you need the most assistance. Pay attention to due dates, as this discussion needs to be completed in time for your classmates to make necessary changes for final submission. 

  1. Select one of your main points in the Essay 4 – Research Paper that analyzes a point of comparison in Fahrenheit 451 and American culture. Copy/paste those paragraphs in your discussion.
  2. At the bottom of your paragraphs, ask 2-3 specific questions that you would like to receive feedback on. Do not ask Yes/No questions. Be specific, as this portion is meant to give you critical feedback that you can use to revise weaknesses in your paper. 

*The goal for this discussion is to post a section of your paper you are struggling with in order to receive some helpful feedback from your classmates. 


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