Concept Essay (Argumentative)

Concept Essay
Part I
§  Introduction: Paint a picture without directly stating the word or phrase.
§  Introduce the Points of Analysis that you will outline in your essay (POA) (mental health *Examples)
§  Thesis Statement
Part II
§  Briefly Background=(The first time the concept came into your world )
§  Discuss the origin of the concept (Family) (Nuclear Family/Immediate) (Extended Family/Family that we adopt)
§  Discus how and why the concept came into your mental existence

Parts III to V
§  Immediate Family
§  What it is to you, Why it is important
§  Shifting what does it mean today versus yesterday
§  How do we see it portrayed or viewed on television, social media
§  What are your opinions on this dynamic, have they changed, ….

§  What have you learned from this experience
§  What has shifted from this experience
§  Where do you think the concept will live in our society in 5, 10, 15, years



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