Commemorative Speech Topic Proposal

 Overview:For this commemorativespeech,you will pay tributeto a person, place, thing, or idea that has had a positive impact on your life, community, and/or the world. This type of speech occurs often in the real world: awards acceptance/recognition, best man/maid-of-honor speeches, and eulogies to name a few. Sometimes called a ceremonial speech, the commemorative speech utilizes creative language to allow the speaker to create a positive picture of the speech subject in the minds of the audience. For the commemorative speech, you will pick a subject that a majority of people view as praiseworthy. Praising a person for his or her work ethic and courage is a good example. An unapproved topicwould be to praise Washington DC for legalizing marijuana. Once you pick a subject worthy of praise, you will praise that subject for TWO (2) virtues the subject exemplifies. For example, you could praise the Human Rights Project fortheir tireless work in promoting 1) equality and 2) justice for all humans. Those virtues, then, serve as your two main points of your speech.There will be no formal research for this speech. You will, however, have to demonstrate how the subject exemplifies the values through narratives, examples, and/or testimonies. And, instead of sources, you will be required to include 3-5 different types of stylistic devices (repetition, alliteration, parallelism, antithesis, simile, metaphor, etc…) See Chapter 18 –Language for more information on the devices. You will label these in the manuscript. 


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