Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Assignment 5

 Now you have selected a company, wrote a project chater, timeline, environmerntal assessment, project scope, techincal recovery plan and emergency response plan.

For this week you are going to write a simulation exercise for either a techincal incident or an environmental incident. The simulated exercise should call upon your document to complete. Which ever plan you work off of you will create a simulation for the other plan next week.

For example: 

Technical: You develop the most catastrophic incident that can happen in a technical world. 

Environmental: You develop the most catastrohic incident possible based on your environmental assessment. 

From there you create an entire scenario based around your catastrophe. From there work through, on paper, how to address the incident. 

The total submission should be between 3-5 pages long. 

APA Format

Note: Please refer to the previous assignments for the company we selected


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