Attitudes Toward the Game of Soccer Research Paper

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Subject or discipline: Psychology
Title: Attitudes Toward the Game of Soccer
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Paper details:
My hypothesis is that the subjects in the condition that watched the Messi goals video are likely to have a positive perspective and attend a soccer game. Whether subjects attitudes towards soccer change because of knowledge of the rules and skills of the game video or a professional athletes video is what I want to determine. In my experiment, one of the conditions watch the video of the rules of the game and the other participants in the second condition watched the Messi video of his amazing goals. After they were given a questionnaire which determined whether their attitudes changed or not. My results are attached.
Comments from Support Team: The only instruction I was given for the paper is this:
In the methods section, use a heading Design: and do not mix the procedure and the design. Design is the structure of the experiment. A two by two within subjects is a common design. In this section define any independent and dependent variables. Get help if you are confused, this is important.

In the procedure section give the details of how the subject is treated.

In the results section, it is crucial that you begin by describing your data. This is done with means and standard errors. You do not need to give standard deviations, but you must give standard errors. This is the standard deviation divided by the square root of the number of subjects.

Do not use these words in your paper: survey or significance. Instead use the words measurement instrument and dependability.

You will need to test the dependability of your results and that will likely be with a calculated t value. ie. t(9) = 2.24, p<.05 That is just an example, not the value that you will find.

Stop there. Do not say that results are no significant. Do not say that more research is necessary unless you make a strong case for the economic value of such research.

Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated!


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