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This discussion addresses the following outcome:

Examine the anti-war movement in the context of US intervention in Cambodia and Laos (CO#1)

The decision by US officials to conduct military operations outside of Vietnam in Cambodia in 1970 (and, later, Laos as well) proved very controversial. For one, these operations did very little to damage the capacity of the North Vietnamese to wage war or to weaken the North Vietnamese government’s resolve. Also, as reports of these operations were leaked, the anti-war movement was revitalized.

In this discussion activity, we will consider both the military and domestic implications of the campaigns outside of Vietnam that were carried out in the early 1970s. After completing all of the Module 7 readings, viewing/listening to the Module 7 Notes Presentation

in the Kulik book, craft a response to the following questions in a post of at least 250 words:

Evaluate Nixon’s decision to conduct military operations outside of Vietnam. Be sure to consider both the rationale for the operations as well as the associated outcomes.

Describe the resurgence of the anti-war movement in the wake of these decisions.

In your estimation, how did the public appetite for stories of atrocities, both verifiable ones and false ones, grow with the resurgence of the anti-war movement?

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