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Job Search Preparation Assignment Phase 1.

  1. Phase I – Review 5 top Internet job sites (these might include Monster, Indeed, as examples)

and identify three specific jobs in each of the employer categories below for which you feel that you

would be qualified to apply, post graduation.

  1. Employer (technology software vendor)
  2. Payer Organization Commercial or Government
  3. Health Care Provider Organization (for profit or not-for-profit)
  4. Consultant Organization (national and/or regional)
  5. Academic Institution (any level)


After you evaluate these job sites, post your summary of jobs in the above categories to the class

thread indicated for this assignment. Include the name of the job site, the title of the position and

the category (e.g. consultant, health care provider, academic institution etc).. Remember to post

three jobs for each category type identified above (for a total of fifteen jobs.

APA format

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Job Search Preparation Assignment Phase II 20 points


  1. Phase II – Choose Five of the Jobs that you identified in Phase I. Fill out the skills matrix Refer to the Readings on employer preferences and skills in the workplace). Keep in mind that the soft skills may not necessarily stated in the posting explicitly but implied. Read the posting carefully and also research the organization and any publically available materials about the organization to determine which soft skills would likely be perceived as high value in that job.




Robles, M. (2012) Executive Perceptions of Soft Skills Needed in Today’s Workforce. Business Communications Quarterly, 74(4) 453-465. Accessed 10 Nov 2012.


Hartman, J & McCambridge, J (2011). Optimizing Millennial’s Communications Styles. Business Communication Quarterly, Volume 74, Number 1, March 2011 22-44. Accessed 10 Nov 2012.


Velasco, M. (2012). More than just good grades: candidates’ perceptions about the skills and attributes employers seek in new graduates. Journal Of Business Economics & Management,13(3), 499-517. doi:10.3846/16111699.2011.620150


Utilize the soft skills identified to enhance your resume. Modify your resume to include a list highlighting the skills you possess. THIS PART I WILL DO BY ADDING THE SKILLS YOU LIST INTO THE RESUME



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