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Academic level: College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline: Computer science
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About the Project
In the Project, you will work in teams of Two to Three members. Each team should have a leader. Assume you are friends or partners building your own IT business. Starting a business requires planning, estimating, working with numbers, conducting meetings, designing flyers, making presentations, creating databases and much more. Use what you have learned in this course to prepare all the needed documentation to build and market your business.
Part #1 Research
Conduct a Research to study the various available IT opportunities in the market. You want to start a beneficial business. Thus, proper planning will help you make the right decision. Surf the Web to gather valuable information about the latest IT solutions and IT business ideas. In addition, survey and interview various parties from the IT field such as Hardware companies, Software companies, IT Employees, and IT users. In your search, you should focus on the latest technology and its impact on individuals and organizations. As a result, you decide your business taking into consideration your search findings. You should consider the below points while working on your final report:
 Make sure to use proper citation for any reference text. Plagiarized reports are subject to a zero grade.
 Design your report as per the requirements mentioned in Part #2.
Part #2 Word Processing
Design a Professional and Creative report to show your search findings as follows:
 Page 1: A Cover Page.
 Page 2: An Abstract.
 Page 3: An Outline/Table of Contents.
 Pages 4 to 6: An Introduction, Search Findings, and Conclusion.
a. Use Formatting tools.
b. Organize your data using Tables. c. Insert Illustrations.
 Page 7: References using IEEE style.
1 Mark 1 Mark 1 Mark 6 Marks
1 Mark
College of Computer Information technology
Page | 2
Part #3 Excel Spreadsheets
Design a Professional and Creative Excel Worksheet to show your Company’s Budget Plan.
Make sure to apply the following:
1. Formatting. 2. Functions. 3. Charts.
Part #4 Access Database
Design a Professional and Creative Access Database for your Company to keep track of
transactions such as customers and products. Make sure to include the following:
1. Tables and Relationships. 2. Forms.
3. Queries.
4. Reports.
Part #5 PowerPoint Presentation

Design a Professional and Attractive PowerPoint Presentation to show your work and market your company. Each member should present one part of the presentation and will be subject to questions. Make sure to apply the following:
1. Explanation of Ideas & Information
2. Organization
3. Eye Contact
4. Body Language
5. Voice
6. Presentation Aids
7. Response to Audience Questions
8. Participation in Team Presentation


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