4 questions answer in 125 words each


1. John  Carpenter Smith wrote an article for the publication, “Journal of the  American Sociologist.” His article was called “The Family Structure of  the Early Nineteenth Century,” and was published in 2012 in the fourth  issue of the seventh volume. It appears on pages 304-316. With  this information, write the APA style citation that would appear in a  References page. Be sure to use the correct capitalization, punctuation,  spelling, spacing and other formatting issues that the APA style guide  requires for a References page citation.

2. Briefly describe the difference between an opinion and an informed opinion. 

3.  How does the “reward” of self-knowledge influence our relationships with  other people? How does this impact teamwork in school or at work? 


The  textbook for this course was organized according to the twelve elements  of a good story (as presented by Joseph Campbell). In weeks 2-8, we  focused on the following elements:

  1. Friends/Enemies
  2. The Innermost Cave
  3. Ordeal
  4. Reward
  5. Return
  6. Rebirth
  7. Upgrade

In  a concise essay, develop a well-formed description of how a college  student progresses through these steps. What are the challenges or  obstacles, and what are the outcomes that might be experienced?



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