4 Discussion Questions

Leave answers in number form no essay needed!

Please answer the questions to each question at least 4 sentences each question!

  1. An important step in developing a projected (pro forma) income statement is to create a sales forecast and calculate anticipated revenue for the business. Imagine you are creating a business; develop a sales forecast and estimate revenue for the first year of operation and describe the process you used to arrive at your estimates.

2.Using the Internet or Strayer databases, examine two sources of outside equity capital available to entrepreneurs. Next, describe the source(s) you would use if you were creating a new company. Explain your rationale.

3.You want to adopt a program to improve quality and efficiency within a company. Analyze four quality-control tools (Lean principles, 5S principles, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management). Next, discuss which tool you would select to implement at a business. Justify your response.

4.,Discuss three inventory factors that you believe could present problems for a business. Next, create a strategy that would help mitigate these challenges.


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